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1. Aloo Chana Puri (V) £4.95

Chick peas and potato cooked with Nepalese spices and served with deep fried bread, “Puri”

2. Chicken Manchurian £4.95

Chicken pakora made with barbequed chicken, sweet corn, garlic, ginger, spring onions, coriander and spices, pan fried with Manchurian Sauce

3. Momo £5.95

Lamb dumplings served with tomato chutney – most popular Nepalese appetizer (please allow minimum 20 minutes to serve)

4. Samosa or Onion Bhaji £4.50

Vegetable Samosa or Onion Bhaji served With Tamarind Chutney

5. Chicken Chat £4.95

Zesty chicken with chaat masala, chopped onions, lemon juice, tamarind and yoghurt

6. Prawn Puri £4.95

Prawns cooked with Nepalese Spices and served with deep fried Bread “Puri”

7. Everest Special Fish Parcel £7.50

Monkfish, Salmon, Shrimps, and Grated Onions, Wrap in pastry case served in bed of Spiced baby Aubergine Purée

8. Chilli Chicken £5.50

Marinated Chicken Tikka, Pan-Fried With Capsicums, Onion, Garlic, And Green Chilli

9. Gurkhali Salmon Tikka £6.50

Fresh salmon marinated with Nepalese spices and barbecued in the clay oven

10. Everest Chilli Paneer (V) £4.95

Pan Fried Homemade Cottage Cheese, with Mix Peppers, Onions, Garlic, Ginger And Fresh Green Chillies

11. Tandoori Lamb Chops £7.50

Beautifully marinated Lamb Chops cooked in Tandoori Oven served with Chefs Special Fresh Mints Chutney

12. Chilli King Prawn £7.50

Pan – Fried Marinated King Prawn Cooked With Fresh Green Chilli, Garlic, And Spring Onions

13. Everest Tikka £5.50

Breast Of Chicken Tikka Marinated With Spices, Garlic, Ginger, Chilli, Soft Cheese And Served With Special Magical Chutney

14. Gurkha Fish Cake £4.95

Crusted Salmon With Mix Pepper, Potatoes, Herbs And Spices, Served With Chefs Special Strawberry Chutney

15. Chilli Garlic Mushroom £4.50

Fresh mushroom battered and sautéed with fresh garlic, ginger and spring onions

16. Chicken Sherpa £6.95

Chicken marinated with Nepalese herbs and spices, cooked in tandoori clay oven – hot!

17. Papadoms (Spicy or Plain) £0.80

Served with house special pickle Tray


18. Saslik Special £11.95

Chicken, Lamb, or Paneer Tikka (V) With Green Peppers, Onion & Tomatoes

19. Tandoori Chicken Grill £12.50

Mix Platter of Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken,  And Everest Tikka

20. Tandoori Mix Grill £13.95

Mix Platter of Tandoori Lamb Chops, Tandoori Chicken, Sheek Kebab, And Chicken Tikka

21. Hansh Ko Sekuwa £12.95

Breast Of Duck Marinated With Special Nepalese Spices And Barbecue In The Clay Oven

22. Tandoori King Prawn £14.95

King Prawn With Various Spices Cooked In Clay Oven

23. Tandoori Trout (Not for takeaways) £11.95

Marinated whole trout cooked in the clay oven, served with a side of spinach and mini naan


24. Nepalese Hansh Bhutuwa £10.95

Barbeque Breast Of Duck Cooked With Green Herbs, Spices, And Spring Onions

25. Machha Malekhu £10.95

Marinated fish cooked with crusted mustard, touch of garlic, fresh ginger and coriander, special recipe from chef’s village taught by his grandmother

26. Hariyali Lamb £9.95

Lamb Cooked With Fresh Mints, Spring onion & Nepalese Spices

27. Chati Kukhura £9.95

Chicken Cooked With Fresh Mushrooms, Green Peas In Chef’s Special Spices And Flavoured With Green Herbs

28. Chicken Nepal £9.95

Barbecued Chicken Cooked With Slice Of Mango in Mild Sauce

29. Lamb or Chicken Bhutuwa £9.95

Boneless lamb or chicken with green herbs, spices and spring onions

30. Chicken Lasun Khursani £9.95

Tender Pieces Of Chicken Cooked with Fresh Green Chillies, Garlic, and Spring Onions – Hot!

31. Everest Mix Karahi £9.95

Mixture Of – Barbecued Chicken, Lamb, Sheek Kebab And Prawn Cooked With Tomatoes, Capsicum And Coriander Leaves In medium Spices With Red Wine Tossed in an Iron Souk

32. Chicken Chilli Masala £9.95

Barbequed Chicken Cooked In Nepalese Spices With Creamy Masala Sauce Touched With Fresh Green Chillies And Spring Onions – Fairly Hot!

33. Gurkhali Chicken or Lamb £9.95

Boneless Chicken or Lamb With Nepalese Herbs Cooked With Yoghurt And Green Chillies – Hot!

34. Aloo Masu £9.95

Potato and Lamb cooked with Nepalese Spices and herbs


35. Everest Lamb Shank (Not for takeaways) £14.95

Chef’s Signature Dish, Lamb skank cooked with Nepalese spices, potatoes, celery, carrot served with mini garlic naan

36. Sea Bream (Not for takeaways) £12.95

Pan Fried Marinated Fillet of Sea Bream served with potatoes, Bamboo Shoots, Green Beans, And Black Eyed Beans

37. Malabar Prawn Special £14.95

King Prawns cooked with Malabar spices, And coconut milk, served with jeera Rice

38. Himalayan Chicken Chattinad £13.95

Tender pieces of chicken cooked with aromatics herbs and spices, served with pilau rice – hot!

39. Sichuan Inspired Lamb £13.95

Boneless lamb cooked with specially blended spices and mixed pepper including Sichuan peppercorns and cayenne pepper, shallots and garam masalas, served with pilau rice – hot!

40. Kathmandu Chicken Masala £13.95

Revised recipe of chicken tikka cooked with Chef special rich creamy sauce served with pilau rice

41. Mix Platter £15.95

Platter of barbecued chicken tikka, malai tikka, lamb kebab, lamb tikka and king prawn; pan-fried with Chef’s Special Sauce, onions, tomato and mixed peppers served with plain naan

42. Honey Chilli Chicken or Lamb £15.95

Fresh chicken or lamb pan fried with spices, honey and chilli sauce, served with plain naan

43. Vegetarian Platter (V) £14.95

Mix Platter of; Sag Paneer, Tarka Daal, Everest Vegetables, House Special Salad, And Pilau Rice

44. Non Veg. Platter £15.95

Platter of; Hariyali Lamb, Chicken Tikka, Everest Vegetables, House Special Salad, And Pilau Rice


45. Paneer Masala £8.95

Cottage cheese cooked with special masala sauce

46. Everest Vegetable Masala £8.95

Mixture of Everest Vegetables with masala sauce

47. Aloo Tama £8.95

Black-eyed beans, potato & bamboo shoots cooked with spices and coriander

48. Sauteed Fresh Asparagus, Mushroom and Paneer £9.95

Fresh vegetable cooked with Nepalese herbs and spices


49. Aloo Simi £4.95

Potato and green beans cooked in medium spicy – Nepalese style

50. Mix Vegetables £4.95

Everest Mix Vegetables in Nepalese Style

51. Fresh Courgettes £4.95

Pan fried fresh Courgettes with Nepalese Spices

52. Bombay Aloo £4.95

spicy potato

53. Fresh Bhindi £4.95

Pan Fried fresh Okra with Nepalese spices and Spring onions

54. Sag – Mix £4.95

Sag Aloo (Spinach & Potatoes) or Sag Paneer (Spinach & Cottage Cheese

55. Mushroom Bhaji £4.95

56. Brinjal Bhaji £4.95

Aubergine with Nepalese Spices and Spring Onions

57. Chana Masala £4.25

Chickpeas cooked in medium spices with Chopped onions

58. Tarka Daal £4.25

Lentils cooked with mild spices touch with garlic

59. Raita £3.95

Yoghurt with cucumber and tomatoes

60. House Special Mix Salad £4.25

Freshly prepared salad of red onions, carrots, cucumber and lettuce


61. Chicken or Lamb Curry £8.95

Cooked in a sauce with Garam Masala

Curry (medium) Madras (hot) Vindaloo (very hot)

62. Chicken Tikka Masala £8.95

Chicken Cooked In Butter, Ground Almonds, Fresh Cream And Chef’s Special Masala Sauce

63. Chicken or Lamb Korma £8.95

Cooked With Coconut In Very Mild Creamy Sauce

64. Chicken or Lamb Bhuna £8.95

Cooked With Special Midium Spicy Sauce

65. Chicken or Lamb Sag £8.95

Medium Spiced, Cooked With Spinach

66. Lamb Rogan £8.95

A Recipe From North India, Medium Spiced, Cooked With Tomatoes And Various Herbs

67. Chicken or Lamb Dhansak £8.95

Medium hot, sweet and sour, cooked with lentils

68. Chicken Jalfrazi £8.95

Chicken Cooked With Peppers, Onions, Green Chillies And Special Herbs Reasonably Hot!

69. Lamb Karahi £8.95

Cooked With Fresh Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Coriander Leaves And Tossed In An Iron Souk

70. Chicken or Lamb Pasanda £9.50

Cooked With Red Wine In Creamy Sauce Garnished With Nuts And Fragrant Spicy Mild Sauce


71. Prawn Curry £8.95

Curry(Medium) Madras (Hot) Vindaloo (Very Hot)

72. Prawn Korma £8.95

Prawns with mild and creamy Korma sauce containing coconut and almond

73. Malabar Prawn Curry £12.95

King Prawns cooked with Malabar spices, And coconut milk

74. Everest King Prawn Masala £12.95

Tandoori King Prawn Cooked In Butter, Ground Almonds, Fresh Cream And Special Masala Sauce

75. King Prawn Bhuna £12.95

Cooked With Special Midium Spicy Sauce



76. Chicken Tikka Biryani £13.95

77. Lamb Biryani £13.95

78. King Prawn Biryani £14.95

79. Chef’s Special Biryani £14.95

Spiced chicken, lamb, King prawns prawn and mushrooms cooked with almonds and coriander

80. Vegetarian Biryani £11.95

Fresh vegetables cooked in fragrant medium sauce containing nuts with basmati rice


81. Plain Rice £2.75

Boiled basmati rice

82. Pilau Rice £2.95

Saffron flavoured basmati rice

83. Mushroom Rice £3.75

Pilau rice cooked with mushrooms

84. Vegetable Rice £3.75

Basmati rice cooked with vegetables

85. Special Fried Rice£3.95

Basmati Rice fried with egg, Green peas, and wild mushrooms



86. Plain Naan £2.50

Traditional leavened flat bread cooked in tandoori oven

87. Keema Naan £2.75

Bread stuffed with spicy mince meat

88. Peshauri Naan £2.75

Bread stuffed with nuts and seeds

89. Garlic Naan £2.75

Naan with garlic

90. Paratha £2.75

Buttered and layered whole wheat bread

91. Tandoori Roti £2.50

Popular Indian bread made from whole wheat flour

92. House Special Naan £3.50

Naan stuffed with chicken, cheese, onion and fresh chilli